Web Page Construction

Theses are software and information links to useful HTML & WYSIWYG editors and other
web page, site, and image construction programs. I have tried or used all the software on this page
either trial version or boxed version, it wouldn't be linked here if I didn't like it or use it.

Homesite- from  Bradbury Software. I use HS for editing HTML pages when working with raw code,
it has color coded tags, internal or external browser, frames, table, most everything.
DreamWeaver- by Macromedia an excellent editor that does everything well. Does it all and then some.
CSE-HTML Validator - HTML Symtax checker
Netscape Communicator Composer 4.5 - What I use to design most of my basic pages.
With integrated HTML editors (plug-in), it's what I like, and it's just damn handy.
Microsoft Front Page98 - Another Bill Gates special.
CoffeCup HTML Editor 6.1
Adobe PageMill 3.0
Browser.com - Download site for browser, editors, and plug ins.

Help and tutorial sites

Smartage - Good general information on all aspects of web building
Bare bones guide to HTML - complete tag list
Advanced HTML Reference
Script Archive
HTML Writers Guild
Script Archives- ZDTV
Learning to write Java
Free Web Stuff
Viewer Browser Test Page
Open Studio
Top 10 Mistakes in HTML design - Learn what not to do

graphics, imaging, & fonts
Font F/X - from DCSi.
Paint Shop Pro 5.0 - from JASC Software is another program that I use to create logos titles and animated gifs.
This is about as straight forward and simple to use as software gets. There are lots of tutorials help files and third party pages
with tips and tricks.
LView Pro -from MMedia Research is another program I use to create transparent Gifs. Very useful for viewing, editing,
creating   GIF98a  -  GIF97a  -  BMP. -  JPG.    &  TIF. files... Also a good slide show viewer.
Firehand Ember Pro - Slide show or thumnail viewer to organize, edit, and show off your pictures and multimedia
Digital Photography & Scanner Tips
Astound - Web presentation software

Leap FTP - from Leapware is a very good shareware FTP client. Very easy and quick. I use for LeapFTP for  fast
uploading of web pages to servers. Especially useful if you have multiple upload sites....
Bullet Proof-FTP - another nice FTP client , Shareware.
Desktop FTP- your ftp sites appear as just another folder on your hard drive. You get the standard look and feel
of the Windows 95/98 operating system.

Library-assorted information
Web Server
Web Design


Business. inc.com
Web Hosting Listing
Internet Service Provider -  Directory List
$8.45 per month Web hosting and domain name registration
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