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I put this link at the beginning for a reason, as I surfed around looking at other R/C Web Sites, I think I hit at least 20 or so (good ones) and never saw a link to the AMA. I feel this is a very important part of this sport/hobby. It is also required that you become a member of the AMA before you fly at any AMA sanctioned field, which most public fields are. If it isn't AMA sanctioned, don't fly there. The AMA provides many valuable things for your small membership fee, not to mention the insurance that covers YOU, ANYONE, OR ANYTHING you may injure or damage while participating. Stuff does happen! Please go through these AMA links below before you go any further, as I said before it is the most important aspect, and you will have a better understanding, respect, and knowledge of this sport/hobby.  What's the AMA stand for?


Membership Application
Find a flying area near you
AMA Home Page
Getting  Started and links page


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