My third low wing.
The Javelin above is a 40 size sport/pattern style ARF with 60" wing span it has a Skyward 
40 with stock tuned muffler and fly's great for an ARF low winger. It is a rocket with the hot little 40 swinging a 11x6 prop., but watch out for tip stall on low speed landings with it's double taper wing design can be a trick some times. With any good 40-45 size engine this bird will go vertical out of sight in no time. Oh yeah the wheel pants didn't last to long either, you have to 
keep it on the runway, not in the grass.



This one didn't have a good life, It's a 40 low wing ARF with a beautiful epoxy dope finish, that's about it. Poor landing characteristics played havoc with the airframe of this plane, a little to heavy too. Best I could tell the wing chord of this plane created wash out of the elevator at low speed, a real handful when landing. You had to land a bit hot.It suffered lots of minor damage from everyday landings, and was doomed when trying to do tail slides, at about 300' altitude, were did that tree come from?.. oh well. I would never recommend this plane as a first, second, or third low wing aircraft to anyone. Witch it was for me..One more for the Balsa graveyard..


Last winters building project. A "Great Planes Ultra Sport 1000" , a 120 size with 80 " wingspan. A proven airframe design from a trusted kit maker. Options for several different power plants included on the plans, (90-120 4 stroke). I installed a Super Tiger 2500 , that's 25cc, 2.8 hp at 10,000 rpm with a custom J-Tech Snuffler muffler, nice and quiet. Swings a lawn mower blade...no, no just a 18"x6 prop for breaking in.. Haven't put this one up yet. Waiting for the money tree to grow some more, I need a new transmitter battery and flight pack, one more Futaba 9201 ball bearing, coreless servo for the left aileron.. I'm going with a 6 volt 1300 ma flight pack for retracts, dual aileron, & dual elevator servos. Robart struts, and landing gear doors compliment the aerodynamics' and aesthetics of this craft.  All total about $600.00 in air frame and engine as built, think my knees will be shaking when I taxi down the runway with this one? YOU BET ! But it should fly like a dream, smooth, stable and


Bottom Veiw-Gear up                                                    Gear down detail


SuperTiger 2500 Power Plant & 18" Prop

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