My Latest Computer Systems Hardware

My latest system computer components are as follows

Component                  Model   (Some components linked)
Mother Board           Abit KT7 133 RAID
Processor               AMD Thunderbird  950Mhz   With ORB Fan
SDRAM                   256Meg  cas3    PC133
Hard Drive(S) 2      IBM Deskstar DTLA-307015  20Gig  7200 RPM   ATA/100
Video Adapter         ATI  Radeon  AGP 4X  64Meg DDR RAM
Sound Card             Soundblaster Live Surround Sound
CD-ROM                 IBM 40x
Network                   Encore  ENL832-TX    10/100
Floppy Drive            Teac 1.44mb drive
Mid Tower                EZ Connections   400 Watt power supply
Accessories            2  Case Fans 80mm
                                2 - Just Cooler  HD-200 Hard Drive Coolers
OS                          Windows 98,     I did run Windows 2000 on it but not bench marks available.

Mother Board Features - VIA KT-133 Chipset, AMD Atholon/Duron/T-Bird Socket A  to 1.2Ghz processor
HPT 370 UDMA/ATA 100 RAID controller
SDRAM  8 -1.5 Gig
IDE 1&2 Standard PIO Mode 4  ATA/33
IDE 3&4 Onboard ATA/100 Raid 0, 1, 0+1 configuration
Hardware monitor - CPU & System Temp,  Fan speed for 4 onboard fan power connectors.

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My last system computer components are as follows and some of the bench marks.

Component              Model   (Some components linked)
Mother Board           Epox  EP-6VBA2
Processor                  Pentium III  733mhz  Slot 1
SDRAM                     128Meg  cas2    PC133
Hard Drive               IBM Deskstar 75GXP    45GIG   7200 RPM   ATA/66  newer ones are ATA/100
Video Adapter          3dfx  Voodoo 3  3000 AGP   16meg
Sound Card             Soundblaster Live Surround Sound
CD-ROM                 Kenwood  72X True  Multibeam
Network                   3COM Fast EtherLink XL NIC  10/100 TX  (C905B-TX)
Full tower case         300 Watt power supply  -  Three fans   2-80mm   1-40mm  plus processor fan

Bench Marks:
I use Nortons System Works 2.0  build 39  for these bench marks of system performance.

These are results from over clocking processor to 825mhz
System general info: Processor (Soft set) 133 x 5.5,   bus speed 133mhz

System                                  343.4
Drive Throughput                     111.0  Reads    95.6 Writes

These are results for rated processor clock and bus 766Mhz

System                                 303.7
Drive Throughput                     68.1 Reads    51.4 Writes