I added this page to the the site because I enjoy growing orchids,
and think that anyone else that likes gardening or house plants would enjoy
growing orchids. Although not the easiest plants to grow, sometimes
taking years to grow from a seedling to a mature blooming plant.
The reward of the bloom is well worth it and serves as celebration.
Many of the blooms last for as long as a month or more.

    I think I got started when I was in a green house looking for some house
plants to living' up the house with, when I came across the most interesting
plant I had ever seen. A Cattleya Orchid, you know the one, the hugh white
and yellow or purple corsages ladies ware at Easter, proms and weddings.

    This plant, although with such a small beautiful flower had the most massive and hardy
growth I had never seen.

    Well I didn't buy the $65.00  10" mature plant, I settled for the $20.00
4" pot Phalaenopsis Orchid, that was quit different, smaller and was about to bloom,
and  had care instructions and information about the grower. One which the attendant
told me was much easier to glow in a home environment.

    Latter, as I found out this is a hobby with a hook, once you bite YOUR HOOKED.
In the industry it's called the orchid bug.
Probably the most interesting of all plants, the largest of all plant species. Hundreds of thousands
of plants belong to this family of plants. They are finding new and unknown almost daily.
There are nearly 2,500 endangered orchids worldwide, and that number is growing also
with development, deforestation, and tropical rain forests being clear cut.

     One know very well known orchid for it's flavoring, is vanilla, which is derived from its
seed pod. That's the real stuff not the artificial flavoring.