AMD - Abit KT7 133 RAID Benchmarks

I use Nortons System Works 2.0  build 39  for these bench marks of system performance.
Hard Drive Tach for hard drive none cached throughput and random access time tests.
Other bench mark software may be implemented in the future.

System settings
Tested after 30 minuets of 99% CPU load burn in,
Defragmented hard drive and running  Nortons and Screen rip program.
Programs running in the back ground
And "Beatles 1"  CD playing

CPU Operating Speed         950Mhz
Multiplier                            100 x 9.5
CPU  FSB/PCI Clock           100/33Mhz
Core Voltage                       1.75v
I/O Voltage                          3.30v

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System Information - System settings
System Benchmark                                                      515.1
Drive Throughput Benchmarks - Cached  reads               144.7mbps
Drive Throughput Benchmarks - Cached  writes               121.0mbps
Drive Throughput  none cached                                       76.2mbps
Random Access Time                                                    9.3ms

I am testing now at over clock speeds starting at 1.0 Ghz  results below..
When testing and over clocking I run tests at least 24 hrs to maintain consistent performance
stability, In other words if it snaps, crackles, pops or smells funny during a bench test,
99% processor usage over clocked, I won't post it here.... I'll be checking my piggy
bank or asking  the better half for an allowance.. very nicely.

So far I really like the EZ Connections case, inexpensive  plenty of fans,
big deep box where you can get to everything on the MOBO with out having to remove a
drive.. only draw back is it only has  3 -  5-1/4" drive bays in front main section,
Two of which I used for the Hard drives and their "Just Cooler" drive cooler fans.
There is another bay in the bottom.. with a reversible benzel for  5-1/4" or 3-1/2' drives.
So far I really like the MOBO.   I love the 4  fan power connectors on the board and the
two case fans, hence the nick name Chiller.
The two case fans, one on the Radeon video card, two drive bay coolers w/filters on the hard drives,
one in the power supply and the ORB fan on the processor, there is even a small fan on the VIA chipset
on the mother board, all total, 8 fans in the box. How kewl it is.. Pretty windy in this box, very low noise though,
     It's a little tricky to set up for the first time at doing RAID configuration, but the manual as always with Abit is
substantial enough for a novice (hey that's me)  to set up. I also loaded Windows 2000 on the machine and had
no problems at all other than the first time I setup, I missed the
F6  key stroke during boot to load the HTP370 Controller drivers  ooops...
Won't  see the drive or RAID array with out it..
    One other note I might add here,  when installing the CPU on the KT7 mother board, you have to carefully
bend the CPU temperature sensor over at an angle, allowing it to still touch the under surface of the CPU when
it is fully inserted in the socket.


OK here is the scoop,  this thing will do dishes for you...
Well almost..

CPU Operating Speed         1000Mhz
Multiplier                            100 x 10.0
CPU  FSB/PCI Clock          100/33Mhz
Core Voltage                       1.75v
I/O Voltage                          3.30v

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System Information - System settings
System Benchmark                                                       538.5
Drive Throughput Benchmarks - Cached  reads                150.7mbps
Drive Throughput Benchmarks - Cached  writes                123.7mbps
Drive Throughput  none cached  (Will not change)             76.2mbps
Random Access Time                                                     8.9ms
Hardware Monitor

    Round up:  After 30 minutes with 99% CPU load, the CPU temp was a little higher than I would like to see
at a toasty 120*.  Although I feel that the ORB fan and heat sink keeps the cpu cooler than any other cooler available.
Stressing the need for good case ventilation, I think that anything less than what I have in the case, would lead to a
meltdown if overclocking.
     I do highly suggest using heat sink compound paste on the ORB CPU heat sink, the supplied tape pad on the
ORB fan I don't think is adequate.
I scraped the tape off and applied a generous amount of compound to the heat sink.
At idle the CPU temp is a cool 78 degrease, at 99% load standard clock speed a cool 91*, over clocked to 1.0Ghz,
toasty 120* at full CPU load. Ambient room temp is 70*.

Chiller also turned in a the fastest time of completing a Seti@home data unit I have seen
yet..  6hrs. 53min. 26sec.
Fastest on my P-III 733Mhz  I have seen is about 8 hours or so... Hummmmmm!

Final rating:  wow factor scale from  1-5 wows   5 being the best
Can't wait till the KT7A to hit the stores, oh heck just stick a 1.2Gig in the KT7 and go with it.
Gees,,, remember when a Pentium 75 was die for.