Newest  Muscle Machine
Another building project complete.

Epox 8K7A+
Main Board: Epox 8K7A+ RAID  DDR
Processor: AMD 1.4GHz   266MHz   Socket A/462
RAM: 128MB DDR 266MHz  (PC2100)  184Pin  Non-ECC
Hard Drive: IBM  DTLA-307075 75.0GB EIDE   ATA/100 7200RPM 8.5ms 2MB Cache
CD-RW: Plextor  PlexWriter 12/10/32A
DVD: Pioneer 16X
Video:  AGP Radeon 64MB DDR 4X  Vivio
Sound: Sound Blaster Live PCI
Network: Reltek  10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter PCI
Mouse: MS IntelliEye USB
Keyboard: PC Concepts 104 Multimedia
Case: Elite Midtower  w/intake filter. Enermax 465Watt power supply W/2 fans

Accessories - Thermaltake CPU Cooler = Dragon ORB 1 W/4900 RPM fan
                         Thermaltake DDR memory module cooler kit
                         2) 80mm smart  ball bearing case fans
                         A  total of 6 cooling fans counting Processor and Chip set cooler

Setup: At this time I opted not to run the board with RAID array.
Just one big drive. This board has a couple of jumpers and a dip switch for CPU and FSB settings.
Pretty much straight forward, just a few pages of the manual and your ready to power up.

The only problem I encountered was the same as with many machines, available IRQ's being limited
by the use of HTP-370 controller and IDE controllers, with the Sound Blaster Live PCI being the biggest
problem. All the above used and shared IRQ 11.

I installed Win98 as usual for bench marking ease. This is my main machine, I use it for pretty much everything
gaming, surfing, email, MP3's, photo editing and scanning, printing, word processing and building html pages.


These benchmarks run with all software, hardware, and start menu items running.
Software:  Nortons System Works 2000
System Benchmark - Score 748.2
Hard Drive Benchmark
Throughput    logical
149.4 Mbps  Cached Read
143.3 Mbps Cached Write
Physical 6.8 Mbps

Software: Hard Drive Tach
Hard Drive Benchmark
8.3ms HD access time
92.1 Mbps reads
Write: not performed

I will have more benchmark results later.

This machine has turned in the fastest Seti@home data unit completion's I've seen yet =  4h:22m:50s
Running Seti 303i386-winnt-cmdline client
Averaging around 5 minuets per unit so far, and have not even tweaked or over clocked this piece yet.

Other hardware recently evaluated:
Maxtor 160 GB ATA/133 5400 rpm Hard drive
Retail box with shipping $308.00
Drive came with a Promise/Maxtor PCI   ATA/133 controller card.
Overall I am not impressed with the speed of this drive.
Benchmarks are about the same as with ATA/100 IBM drives on standard controller.
Matter of factly IBM ATA/100 7200 rpm drives leave it in the dust.
Bear in mind also that the IBM drive is in a DDR-2100  1.4 Ghz machine, where the Maxtor is in a P-3 733 with PC 133 SDRAM

Maxtor 160 GB 5400 rpm
35957.3 kbps average
Throughput    logical
127.3   Cached Read
102.5  Cached Write
11.5ms  HD access time

IBM 75 GB 7200 rpm  2Mb Cache
Throughput    logical
149.4 Mbps  Cached Read
143.3 Mbps Cached Write
 Physical 6.8 Mbps
 8.3ms HD access time

Pictures :
DDR Cooler
Close up